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Friday, July 6, 2007

I'll Make You an Offer...

Not going to lie, when I say it's not the job offer I would have liked, but it's a job offer. So what's the job you might ask? Being an AD/utility man on a film shoot in Mississippi about a 1964 civil rights murder. It's about the 60s, eh? I told you the 60s would save me. This gig would definitely save me financially for a little while. I'm talking I'll probably make over $4000 dollars. Show me the money, bitches!

That's a lot of money to a 22 year old (I'm single by the way, wink, wink.), who makes absolutely nothing. I guess I'm a little worried about working on a set. I "retired" after Emily's film because I was sick of it to be perfectly honest. Here's the problem though. I would finally be working with professionals and I'm getting paid to "yell" at people. Do I need to explain more?

I'm actually seriously thinking about it, which I personally find very surprising. Ireally need to stop smoking so many drugs. I want to be an assistant not an assistant director. What am I doing?

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