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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Hot Dog Eating Contest Craze

You know what's even more stupid than waiting to touch an iPhone is watching a group of people eating hot dogs. Today, Joey Chestnut ate 66 dogs while defeating six time champion Kobayashi. Apparently, a crowd of people watched the competition. even featured the event as its featured story on the Fouth of July!

I don't know if you heard this, but eating contests are slowly becoming a major sport. My prediction is within fifty years, hot dog eating will be called, "America's Pasttime". Youth leagues are already forming, so sign your kid up today. Hell, Americans are obese enough as is, so will eating 66 hot dogs be such a big deal?

Seriously though, what's so great about eating food? Should anyone really care if you can eat 66 hot dogs? No, is the answer to probably any question regarding eating contests. The best part is that people treat it like a sport. In the article on, it states that Kobayashi had his wisdom teeth removed and a sore jaw, but still kept up with Chestnut until the end. Okay, thanks for the report. Now, shut up and eat another hot dog.

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