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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Fall of the All-Star

Tonight's the MLB all-star game in case you didn't know. Not that anyone really cares anymore. All-Star games are pretty much a waste of time these days. There was a time if you can believe it that people and more importantly players actually cared. And I'm not just talking about baseball. I'm talking about all the major sports.

You ever see that video of Ted Williams hopping around the bases and jumping for joy when he crossed home plate? It was the 1941 all-star game, when Williams hit a walk off to win. Or did you ever see that video of Pete Rose plowing over a catcher to score. It was the 1970 all-star game, when Rose crashed into the catcher so hard that he dislocated the guy's shoulder. Nothing was technically on the line, but pride. Something today's players frankley don't give a shit about.

The best players in the world not only played in these exhibition games, but they played the whole game. They didn't get replaced after three innings. It was a big deal back then, before they stipulations such as home field advantage was ever a thought.

I still do believe baseball has the best all-star game, but really they are all mediocre. Even look at the specialty events like the homerun derby, slam dunk contest, or any skills competition. They're a joke. Last night, Vladimir Guerrero beat Alex Rios to become homerun champion. Alex "fucking" Rios! Are you kidding me? That's got to be a joke. That's just as bad as some goofy white guy trying to win the slam dunk contest.

They canceled the slam dunk contest for a period of time for this simple reason. It was becoming a joke. Guys like Jordan, Dominique, and even Spud Webb didn't want to be bothered. Same thing with the homerun derby, no one wants to be bothered. Bonds, Griffey, Ortiz, and countless others don't want to be bothered. It's too long, blah, blah, blah.

They say the all-star games are for the fans, but they continually get the shaft. It's on tv right now, but am I watching it? No. I like watching professional sports, but not the media sponsored circus they're showing right now. It's a disgrace to the sport and I'm sure Ted Williams would be pissed if he realized the all-star mvp is named in his honor. It's a whole different game than the one he played in.

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Kyle Matthew said...

This is a fucking good blog. You made your point clear and concise. I like the argument, and agree with you wholeheartedly. Nice blog, man. You're honing your craft.