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Saturday, July 28, 2007

The End: Part I

19 days have come and gone. It's crazy to think that my first stint in the state known as Mississippi is over. Now, I head back to California for two days. Big break, huh? Then, I head back to Mississippi from August 1st through 6th. Then, after that I have no idea. The original plan of coming back in late August is currently up in the air.

I got a check cut for me today and the first thing I'm doing on Monday is cashing it. It feels good to get paid for once and through all the negatives this job has shown me, it has had plenty of positives. Besides the money, I've met some great people and experienced a completely different lifestyle from Massachusetts or California. After this trip, you can make a good argument that the United States is really just a bunch of different countries. There's New England, The South, The Midwest, The West Coast, etc. They're all so different, at times its scary.

I got to finish packing and get ready for another long day at the airport. Let's hope Mr. K remembers to pick me up at the airport. Then, I'm going to Ralph's, buy a bottle of Pinot Noir, light up a joint, and get destroyed. So until next time, take care of yourself.

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