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Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Decision

This is definitely one of those decisions I hope I don't regret. After much debate, I've decided to take the job in Mississippi. Why? It's mostly because I'm broke. The mere thought of being there for such a long time kind of scares me, but I will be in a hotel and fed for free. I've set up a chat with Mark Parry in a couple hours, so hopefully many detaisl will get straighten out including day rate and when the hell I'm actually leaving.

It also somewhat sucks that I moved to Glendale too early to be perfectly honest. I could have crashed at the house and saved me some money. Now, I'm going to have to pay rent for the next two months (July and August) and I'll barely be living there. Luckily, it's one of the few sacrifices I am going to have to make. Maybe, spending some time in another part of the country/world will do me some good.

I've said this once and I'll say it again. I refuse to fall into this trap and start working on these small shoots for good, quick money. I'm just going to be flat out honest when I say I want to be a Hollywood power player. I want to play with the big boys and make multi-million dollar movies someday. I never have or never will be satisfied with the status quo. I always strive to be the best among my peers regardless of what I do whether it be school politics, hot topping, or movies. You only live once, right? So, why live with your standards lower just so you can get by? You can do what you want, but I'm shooting for the stars. And if I blow up, then what the fuck?

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