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Thursday, July 26, 2007


Forget about the drug war on the streets. The war is quickly becoming one in medical facilities. For all my readers that read the paper or watch the news, the DEA busted around 10 medical marijuana caregivers yesterday in California. Yes, medical marijuana is legal in the state of the California, but the federal law still states that it is illegal.

Okay, so a while ago I posted my thoughts on "the club." Yes, it's too easy to get into, but ask yourself this question. Would you rather have people buy drugs off the street or from some happy, high people, who have a bunch of different strands of weed in a moderated building? I think most people would say the latter. I also agree that many of these caregivers are making a fortune, so fucking regulate it. I guarnatee you that if a tax was added, most people wouldn't care.

I never bought a lot of drugs illegally. I actually only had one shady deal and that was last summer when I went somewhere with Julian. We just sat on this couch for like 15 minutes or so, while we waited for this guy. And, I'm sure most people can put that story to shame.

All the DEA is doing is basically promoting the sale of drugs on the street. Hypothetically, if they shut down every one in the state, then thousands upon thousands of people will go back to the streets. Personally, I'm not addicted to the drug, but some are. That translates to people being forced to buy illegally and crime will rise. It's stupid.

You might ask am I worried about my status as a legal medical marijuana patient? No, I'm not actually because I'm not scared of the DEA. I'm just going to roll with it and enjoy the ride while it lasts. California has to stand up for what it believes is right and I honestly believe one day that the federal government will legalize the drug. When? I have no idea, but I really do believe that. So, here's hoping the DEA leaves alone the few caregivers I know and realize that they should be worrying about the drugs that are really dangerous.

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