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Monday, July 2, 2007

Another Great McCartney Story

This story does not really involve me, but I can't help to briefly write about it. One of my new Beatle friends, Sadrac, who I met in line last week in Amoeba just emailed me a great story about himself. Through pure will and determination, this guy ran three blocks and chased after McCartney's car to get his autograph. And yes, he was successful and briefly talked to Paul at a red light.

I actually could not believe it, but he sent me a picture with it. Paul signed the back on the "Grat-it-tude 4 Paul" signs. Then, the rest of the band signed it, too. I really don't like to use the word "jealous", but damn he's lucky. I really think my day will come and if it doesn't, then what can you do. I have always had this philosophy that when the dust settles, an autograph is just a name on a piece of paper. I have experienced a lot of great things in life and through all the ups and downs, I would not trade it with anyone.

Anyway, I salute you, my friend, Sadrac. I just really hope you get a frame for the paper. I hope you cherish that for a lifetime.

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