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Friday, June 15, 2007

The Top 10 Moments in College

I posted this in my other journal/blog, so I figure I will post it here, too.

10. Breaking into the Hammond Building - Fitchburg State (Freshman Year)
I usually consider my first year in college to be the lost year in my life, but I will say it did have one defining moment. With my two friends, Adam and Brian, we managed to break into the Hammond Building, which was the main building on campus. Why? I really don't know. I guess we were really bored and spent a couple hours walking around the deserted and dark building. Then, of course we decided to throw away all the newspapers, which resulted in Brian's famous phrase, "I fucked The Point" (FSC's campus newspaper). Not sure what ever happened to those two guys, but that was a fun night.

9. The Rise and Fall of The Movers - Chapman (Junior Year)
Do I really need to explain this? "The Movers" saga is long and frustrating to everyone involved. From the pitch in November to the all nighter and the horrible shoot in January to the embarassing premiere in May, this film was something we all want to forget, but it is impossible. And you might wonder how big it was in the film school? Well, people still talked about that movie getting fucked up well over a year after we shot it. I really think that film has entered Chapman folklore of huge disappointments.

8. Fourth of July Weekend 2006 - Chapman (Senior Year)
Last summer had a fair share of classic moments, but the first one on this list is the long weekend of the fourth. We basically spent the entire three day weekend drinking alcohol. That weekend made me realize how good last summer really was. We had no worries and it felt damn good.

7. Notice of Foreclosure - Chapman (Senior Year)
We were shooting "I Saved the World from Global Warming" when some Asian lady tells us we have been conned. The Monroe house was too good to be true and we were extremely worried. I actually was so nervous in the beginning that I thought my life was in danger. No joke. Two good things did come out of this. One was that our lease was void, so we could leave whenever we wanted. The other was the foreclosure, which was a disappointment in some respect, but still a really cool theme party.

6. The First Big One - Chapman (Senior Year)
A couple days after my 21st birthday, we planned to do power hour with Sean and Courtney. Julian and I were so tired that we fell asleep only to hear Sean knocking on the door at 11:30. It was the beginning to a long night and easily the best party of the summer. We started to do power hour and then just kept drinking. Before you know it, the whole entire Davis community is partying it up at C4. After that the details are a little fuzzy since I blacked out. I just remember waking up in the bathroom with Julian holding cleaning supplies. I definitely puked my brains out.

5. Steve Prefontaine Party - Chapman (Senior Year)
The best party I ever went to in college, hands down. The coolest and most original theme, the best spirit, plenty of alcohol, and tons of people. It is hard to imagine a party theme of Steve Prefontaine being any good, but it really was. People came in track uniforms and mustaches. We built a track in the house and everyone in the house had a damn good costume. People even ran around the block in Pre's honor. Every other party we had was only a failed attempt to live up to the legend of the Prefontaine party. Go Pre!

4. Adventures in Tucson - Chapman (Junior Year)
Few people know this, but we were supposed to go to San Francisco this weekend. We backed out when the forecast said it would rain. Option B was go to Nolan's home for the weekend. His friend, BT, was turning 21 and renting out a hotel room. How bad could it really get? First off, during the day, we decided to go for a hike in this canyon. There I am climbing over huge boulders and falling into cactuses. All I have to say is I will never go on another climb with Nolan unless I am being chased by Bigfoot or something. Anyway, at night was when it all began. There were way too many people in the hotel to begin with, so people started to complain. People are running out the backdoor into the golf course. I hid behind a generator or something. Eventually, we left since things were getting too crazy. I drank way too many Mike's Hard Lemonades (I will never drink another one again in my life after this experience. The thought of Mike's make me sick.) and alcohol in general. I first puked in a bush outside the hotel. We get back to Nolan's house and I proceeded to puke throughout the night. I puked so much that I had nothing left to puke out. Thank God it was interterm because I was sick for the next day or two. Hell, I even puked once more when I got back to the New Hall apartment. I seriously blame Mike's for this since I have drank higher amounts of alcohol in my life and never got anywhere near as sick. The sugars in Mike's make you sick and I paid for it. Oh, and I have yet to return to Tucson.

3. Five Guys, No Power, Alcohol, and Weed - Chapman (Senior Year)
Somehow we managed to get this house on Monroe ave. Of course, anytime you move you have to spend some time without cable or the internet, but we also lived without power for a couple days. I am not really sure why it took so long, but that was it. It was the second night in the house and the five of us (Angelo, Julian, Kyle, Nolan, and I) spent the night around the coffee table with candles and flashlights drinking alcohol. We had nothing else to do and we weren't going to read a book. Then, we decided to bust out the weed. It is probably the only time in my life when I will get high with a group of guys in a house with no power. It was one of those moments I don't think I will ever forget. I think it defined our friendship to me at least. It was also the unofficial start to senior year and the rollercoaster ride of the Monroe house.

2. What Happens in Mexico, Stays in Mexico - Chapman (Sophomore Year)
If there is one moment that I honestly consider this is what college is all about, then this would be it. It was a normal night and we were at The Block on a Saturday night. Running out of ideas of what to do, we were like let's go to Mexico. Devi, Dres, Julian, and I proceed to jam into his tiny CRX and drive down to Tijuana. We crossed the border and took a taxi to this club. Then, we walked to a couple more clubs. Of course, this trip is known for the flaming shot, which I did twice or something. Guy lights it on fire and you drink it with a straw. Then, there was me asking for someone to point me straight. Or Julian walking into every bar in Tijuana. For some reason, Devi forgot her license, so we had to convince customs to let her back into the States. You have Julian telling the guy she goes to Chapman. Luckily, Devi is white, so there was no problems. Finally, we start to drive back to Orange. Devi and Dres decide to pull over and leave me and Julian in the back of the car. And yes, the only reason Julian woke up was that I farted and it smelt so bad. We get out of the car and are confused. Julian decides to drive around and starts getting angry. We manage to find Devi and Dres and resolve our differences. Oh, and there was a small detour to Lego Land in San Diego on the way back. We just drove to the entrance and that was it. Don't ask. When it was all set and done, I think we made it back to Orange around 7 or 8 a.m. It was the ultimate college adventure and I actually never went back to Mexico. I really don't think I need to. That trip was enough for me.

1. Sweet Pea - Chapman (Senior Year)
Okay, so this is not technically one moment, but how can this not be number one? In a sense it was the reason I went to college. It was the reason I came to Chapman. It was my chance to prove the doubters wrong and reaffirm the believers. I started to write this script back in October 2005 and the idea started to crop into my head during the summer of 2005. A year later, we are shooting film. And I can't forget the amazing contributions from Grandpa and my parents. Without them, I don't know where I would be. All I can really say was that making this film was magical to me. Something I will never forget. Like "Wicked Pissah" in a way, I think this film will always have a special place in my heart regardless of what my future holds. Also, premiering this film at Chapman was probably the best feeling I had since I gave out my famous speech in high school. It is one of moments that you wish you could freeze frame or at least have the opportunity to experience again. I just don't think that's possible and that is why this is the number one moment.

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