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Friday, June 22, 2007

Sweet (Sounding) Pea

I spent a little over three hours doing a sound mix for "Sweet Pea" today with Josh, Sean, and Tim. Even though it was a long day, I am very happy with it. I think it sounds great. It turned out much better than I ever imagined. The score is just damn good. Josh just wrote some great sounding music and Tim was great today in the mixing room. He heard some shit and made some suggestions, I would have never thought of. Then, you listen with the changes and it's like, "Wow, that sounds so much better." After today, we are just left with some synching issues that we hope to take care of on Monday, then we will get it ready for a last minute submission to the Boston Film Festival.

It would be an understatement to say how excited I am over the prospects of the BFF. I really, really, really want to premiere the movie in Beantown this September. It might sound crazy, but I actually do not want to premiere it anywhere else in the world and that includes Cannes, Venice, Berlin, and Sundance. Growing up in a city twenty miles north (Peabody) of Boston, it would be a dream to premiere there. Plus, it's a great story. I can see it now, "Hometown Hero Premieres Film to Rave Reviews!"

I made a promise to myself when I came out to California almost three years ago that I would return to Massachusetts with a film. Now, I just have to close the deal. Believe me, I will keep you updated when I find out more details. It's a very exciting time for me.

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