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Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Real Film School

I had a really good conversation with the VP of Development, Ryan Engle, yesterday at Kopelson. I like to call it eye opening. It really got me thinking to be quite honest. He was talking to me about my career and future and how to suceed in this business. He gave me some really good pointers that I won't be forgetting anytime soon.

I thought it was really interesting that he said as an assistant you are going to film school. If you just go home and complain about it, then you will fail. You have to go home and read scripts, write notes, coverage, live and breath this business. Everything you do is a learning experience. You should constantly learn from your boss and if you're not learning, then go somewhere else.

He used the term "film school" in the real world and I thought it was really interesting. It was almost like who cares where you got your bachelor's degree. Film school really starts now. It starts in the real world. I thought it was an amazing perspective since few people actually think that. It's true though and when you look at Ryan and see what he has accomplished it is really hard to argue against his philosophy. Agree or disagree if you want, but I think he made some valid points that should not be overlooked.

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