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Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Police Arrested Me

At least my ears have stopped ringing. A day after I saw The Police at Dodger Stadium, I'm still trying to figure out where to rate the show. I wrote yesterday that I was nervous, but I think I might have overreacted. I had a couple issues with the show, but overall I would give it a thumbs up. Still, it hurts to do it after spending a little over $150 on the ticket and souvenirs (Yes, a t-shirt and program are essential in my opinion. Disagree if you want.).

Was this the best concert I've ever seen? No, but it was good. The Police were in the coveted top five bands I always wanted to see live and last night I lived my dream. I think a lot of people did. Their last tour was 1984, so anyone under 23 and actually probably under 35 never had a legit chance to see them play before. Whether they will admit it or not, The Police are a nostalgia act. So, my first big complaint will surface and that's play the fucking hits and play them like you recorded them. I don't want to hear a slowed down version of "Don't Stand So Close to Me" or "Roxanne". I'm sorry, but I want to hear the version that I hear when I turn on the radio.

I also still thought the band sounded a little off at times. Ocassionally, you could hear a fuck up and it was almost as they knew it, too. What makes them good is the fact that it doesn't bother them and they keep on playing. Plus, people didn't really care since they were just having a good time.

I will say what also helped make this show good was the fact that not only Fiction Plane opened, but Foo Fighters played for an hour too. Fiction Plane was mediocre at best. Foo Fighters really got the crowd going and I was highly impressed. Hell, Dave Grohl even jumped into the crowd, started to run around, and plowed people over in the process. It was a classic moment and I can just remember thinking that this is what a concert is all about.

After Foo Fighters finished, The Police came on about half an hour later. Stewart Copeland banged a gong and you could start to smelling marijuana as they opened with "Message in a Bottle". The show had good energy and I enjoyed myself. I still consider McCartney to be a better concert, but The Police did well. I wasn't at Staples or Honda Center, but I have a feeling that this was the best show in southern California. They even managed three encores, which I thought was gutsy (McCartney has done two during his last two tours, but with more songs). Although, the second and third were only one song each. Still, it shows how popular they are right now.

My overall opinion is that if you have the extra money the concert is definitely worth it. I never saw them in the 1980s, so it was a treat to see them play together and relive the greatness of The Police.

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