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Monday, June 18, 2007

The Art of the Interview

I realized something today. After going on yet another interview, I came to the conclusion that it is like an artform. Okay, maybe that is a little over the top, but seriously. It's like dating. You laugh at stuff that isn't funny and you try to bullshit your way around just enough so you can get into your interviewer's pants (also known as a job). Not everyone is good at interviewing. Honestly, I feel like every interview I get better and better. In a way, I wish I could do my interview with 3 Arts Entertainment again for the simple reason that I could do much better. The unfortunate part is that is not going to happen, so I might as well just move on to the next company.

I had my interview today with Amsel, Einsenstadt, and Frazier, which is a small boutique agency in LA. I applied for this job working in the youth division as an assistant to two agents. Besides the shitty pay (400 a week, which seems to be the entry level standard) and the prospects of a one year commitment, I actually really liked the place. I felt good talking to both agents (Nicole and Milton) and I think that is really important. I had a much different feeling compared to my previous interview with Principal Entertainment.

All I do know is that whenever I end up has to realize that I might be leaving for a week in September for the Boston Film Festival pending Sweet Pea's acceptance. I can't pass up that opportunity and they will just have to realize that.

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