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Thursday, May 31, 2007

22 Years of Greatness!?!

I want to wish myself a happy birthday. Another year has come and gone. Nothing really more can be said. Here's hoping to another year of greatness in life.

Any ladies want to help me lose my virginity?

Just kidding...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Tough Act to Follow

My parents just left California today after being here for little over a week (May 18-May 26). During their stay I realized something more than ever. I am fucking lucky. I know everyone always says their parents are the best or they would never have anyone else, but I really mean it and I have almost 22 years to prove it.

I really have lived a great life. I have done almost everything I wanted to do (besides lose my virginity). Sometimes it just feels like a dream. A little crazy yes, but I have never claimed to be sane. I honestly believe the most successful people in history have been crazy. You have to be if you want to be something special. If everyone was sane, then they would simply follow the rules and never take any chances or seize the moment. Look for example at Walt Disney. I went to Disneyland during the past week and that was a crazy idea. Even go on some of the rides and it feels like you are on this drug trip with Mr. Toad, the Seven Dwarfs, and the Cheshire Cat. That simply proves the point of insanity.

Anyway, I have no idea where I would be without my parents. Even Grandpa has been a huge part of my life. They give and give and give and barely ever complain. It's love in the most authentic form. So as I sit here at almost 22 and just graduated from college, I now have to live up to that. I have no idea how the hell I am going to be able to give my children and grandchildren what I had through my younger years.

What it comes down to is I am going to have to work my ass off or get lucky. Because I don't plan on letting anyone down and especially not my offspring. I don't want them to grow up any different than me. It would be unfair. So let it be known now that I want to fund my grandchild's senior thesis film. Just like my grandfather did. Then, I want to get my children a new car when they graduate college. Just like my parents gave me.

In the words of Dirk Diggler, "Jealousy will get you nowhere."

I really am lucky and thank you.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Confessions of a College Grad

I was going to update this yesterday, but the internet was down at the house. I thought we failed to pay the bill, but apparently that was not the reason. Anyway, yesterday was graduation. What a long ceremony! It had its moments, but man it was boring. The speakers was mediocre at best. Then, we had to sit through listening to all 895 student's names being called.

I would still say it was special moment in my life. I had this indescribable feeling going through my whole body when my name was being called. I actually couldn't even think when I was on the stage. I didn't even hear people cheer. It was like I had everything blocked out. I was in this zone that no one could enter besides myself.

College was one of those periods that I would not call it the best fours years of my life. It had plenty of ups and downs for me. I like to call it the best roller coaster of my life. From my first year at Fitchburg, which I usually call the lost year, to my three years at Chapman, it was really a roller coaster. I will say though that I left a more complete and different person. I realized what I wanted in life. For example, I came in college wanting to be a director, yet I left wanting to be a producer.

I also made probably the best decision in my young life by attending Chapman University. The deal wasn't great at the beginning, considering that I agreed to be a film studies major. I got rejected as a production major for the fourth time during fall 2004. Then, I made "Wicked Pissah," which really helped change my course at Chapman. I will always say without that movie, I might have never been admitted since Dan Pavelin held the project in high regards.

Months later on the Ides of March (March 15, 2005) I received this email from Ken O'Donnell:

Dear Mike,

Thanks for getting back in touch. I expect to be sending out the
official notification e-mails later today.

Yours will indicate that you've been admitted into the Film Production
major, and congratulations. I'll copy the registrar so they know to
make the change.

As soon as you get the chance, you should get a change-of-major
application, and complete and sign it, dropping it off at the film
school's front office to my attention. (I'm sorry if you've already
given me one; it isn't here.) The registrar's office asks to keep the
student's signature on file, in case there's any question later about
who initiated the change.

Take care, and good luck in your new major,


Finally, I started to focus on making movies rather than changing majors. Around the same time, I started to get really close with guys like Kyle Dickinson, Nolan Wang, Julian Gray, and Andres Fischer-Centeno. And the rest is history. I finally formed friendships out here that rivaled my previous ones with Kristen, Meghan, and Andrew. It helped me transition better to life out here especially after everything fell apart with The Posse in the summer of 2005.

The years went by quick and sometime next week I will post the top ten moments of my college career. I got the chance to make some really good movies ("Snuggle," "The Beautiful Picnic," and "Intuition") and work on some really good movies ("I Saved the World from Global Warming" and "Normal People"). There were minor regrets like "The Movers," but I think we all can afford to make a mistake here and there.

Of course my biggest and happiest accomplishment was working on "Sweet Pea" for my senior project film. My first draft was finished on October 10, 2005 if you can believe it. We shot the first day of the film on October 27, 2006, which was a little over a year later. Fast forward to May 5, 2007 and that was probably the best day of my college career. I really had to battle to get that film on the screen. Editing was slower than I would have liked. And, we put the film on D5 tape at 4:00 a.m. that morning.

I put a lot of time and effort into that project. Blood, sweat, tears, and money were poured out of my body and bank account. Still, getting a round of applause doesn't beat anything in life according to me. It had been almost six years since I last experienced something that special. Of course, I am referring to giving out the speech of my life on May 30, 2001, which gave me a landslide victory as class president.

Now, a day later the roller coaster is finished. It went over its last hill, the bars have lifted, and now I am simply sitting in the sit exhausted after one hell of a ride.

Friday, May 18, 2007

In the Beginning...

...God created Mike Cersosimo.

Welcome to my new blog. As I end the California Chronicles, I want a fresh new start after college. This blog will have no rules or boundaries. If I offend you, then too fucking bad. If I compliment you, then consider yourself lucky. I'm going to update this blog whenever I feel like it. I might update it a couple times a day or I might not update it for a couple days. I have no clue. I am simply going to write what I feel about my life and life in general. This is your best chance to get exclusive commentary from yours truly. Enjoy it while it lasts.